Lego’s Builder Club

For some reason my mother helped my brother and i make 3 ring binders full of Lego instructions, character bios and toybox art…why? So 20 some years later i can upload up on the internet. Most of the posts i’ll be making are taken from these time capsules. I wouldnt consider these articles, just me reminiscing on the internet. Its amazing how much foresight our mother displayed in 1988…that i’d be writing about these things 30 years later.

Sadly i was never apart of the Builders Club…it seemed a little pricey to me back then, but i did manage to get a few samples out of the free issue.

Two things….Spiderweb wallpaper? and is that a lego wedding gown? I love this scene, i wonder what other kind of treasures i missed by not joining this club…..

lego indians, doing a war dance…cool, and that knee action! It really looks like a real life version of night stalker for intellivision. And they are red…red Indians hmm.

Noah’s Ark? or that part from the Never Ending Story with the racing snail? cow in the upper left has lego utters

I have to make a comment about this one, notice how it has little lego holes where you could put string to hang your art or poke pins in…think how beautifully it would be displayed next to a large ceramic mushroom clock from sears on the wall, or a needle point owl….oh inspiration lego decor be thy name.

All and all….looking at these files now, i think that it might have been a solid investment to get a years worth of lego builder magazines, (just for the decorating ideas alone!) but then again…$7.95 was a little over the price of 2 G.I. Joes back then. I can see where my priorities laid.


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